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The Whistle!

Our 2013 season has come to an end.  

Thank you to all players, coaches, trainers, support personnel and staff that helped make this season special. To our dedicated coaching staff who share their time and enthusiasm for football and coaching young (and old) men - to our players who made 2013  a ONE TEAM ONE GOAL season - thank you.  2013 was a new day for Quincy Militia Football both on and off the field.  The extra efforts that were put forth - amazing!

While the team had a good win-loss record, and we enjoyed some big victories and emotional defeats, the games of this past season will eventually fade into pieces of memories. In the end, the measures of success are not the statistics or wins, rather, they are the relationships, friendships, lessons and maturing that are the result of effort, selfless commitment to the team and dedication to personal betterment.  This alone tells me that the 2013 Quincy Militia were truly successful. 
Looking back over this year and team, I can’t help but to also look forward to 2014. I am excited and look forward to seeing how Team 2014 embraces Quincy Militia Football.

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