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To The Owners From A Fan

I know this may sound weird but I just wanted to write a short note letting you know how pleased I was at the experience we had at your home game versus the Eastern Mass Seminoles last night.  I've been a friend of Vaughn Driscoll's for many years and have been around the Militia either as a coach or supporter of the team since it's inception.  I was very much impressed at how much more professional (at least to an outsider) the entire operation seems to be run this year.  From how great the nachos at the concession stand were to you giving the teams share of the 50/50 raffle to charity, even the program we got at the gate is very well done.  I had a relative in from out of state who said he had a really good time and I chuckIed to myself thinking that he has no idea of the struggles that Vaughn went through the first few years.  I can remember games where he, the head coach, was taking tickets at the gate a few minutes before kick-off because there was nobody else to do the job.  I remember times where I paid my son and his friends out of my own pocket to work the chain gang because we couldn't find volunteers in the stands to do it.  There were even games where I wasn't even sure if we would have basic essentials like water bottles and tape.

I know that there a lot of folks responsible for making such a turnaround possible and I hope that you can thank them all on my behalf.  However, I don't believe that it is a coincidence that the turnaround has started since you have taken over.  Whatever management style you have brought to the organization is clearly working.  I very much look forward to the day where the stands at Veterans Stadium are filled not just with family and friends of folks connected to the team, but are filled with people from all over this area because they feel that the team is a part of this community.  Thank you for all that you have done.

A loyal supporter of Quincy Militia football,

(Letter to new owners written August 2013)

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