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Football Math!

Wildcard Weekend on the couch!  At half-time, eat the football pizza and practice the math skills!  (OK, maybe not the math!)

During the football game, Justin caught three passes. One was for a touchdown and went 52 yards. The other was for a first down and was for 17 yards. The other was on a screen pass that did not work so well and ended up a gain of -10 yards. What was the total yardage gained by Justin on the pass plays?
A) -39
B) 59
C) 62
D) 69

To The Owners From A Fan

I know this may sound weird but I just wanted to write a short note letting you know how pleased I was at the experience we had at your home game versus the Eastern Mass Seminoles last night.  I've been a friend of Vaughn Driscoll's for many years and have been around the Militia either as a coach or supporter of the team since it's inception.  I was very much impressed at how much more professional (at least to an outsider) the entire operation seems to be run this year.
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